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Are Bianchini products produced in-house?

Yes, all the steps involved in turning the raw wood into furniture are carried out in-house, while the painting, varnishing and upholstery work is outsourced to Italian firms we’ve been working with for a long time, so we can swear by the excellent quality of the results. The brass and mother-of-pearl inserts are also produced externally, but are customised and applied by our own craftsmen.

What kind of wood is used for Bianchini furniture?

We use a wide range of exotic woods, mainly root wood, ebony and rosewood.

How is quality control carried out at Bianchini?

Our craftsmen, technicians and professionals invest the utmost care and responsibility in what they do. This is why quality control is carried out at every step in the process. Before moving on to the next step, we make sure the work carried out is perfect, so the possibility of any flaws going undetected is extremely remote. We should also add that at the final assembly stage, a further painstaking check is conducted to ensure each piece is perfect.

Can products be personalised at the request of the customer?

Yes. We are always ready to listen to any particular demands the customer has, and do our best to satisfy them.

What’s the best way to take care of Bianchini furniture?

Fine furniture remains splendid year after year, and is an excellent investment. To take proper care of it, just follow the tips below:

  • Use felt pads under computers, phones, radios or ornaments that are moved regularly. Avoid rubber or silicon protectors, because they would damage the varnish;
  • Place plates, glasses or hot objects on a tray or a protective cloth to protect the surface of the furniture from direct contact;
  • Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight for long periods;
  • To avoid ruining the varnish, furniture should be lifted up to move it rather than sliding it across the floor;
  • The ideal temperature for preserving the wood and varnish intact is 22 °C, with 40% humidity. Environments with a higher (or lower) temperature and humidity may ruin the furniture;
  • Keep the furniture away from direct sources of heat or cold, such as heaters or air-conditioning units.
What can I use to clean Bianchini furniture?

Generally speaking, the cleaning products sold in shops can be used, provided they do not contain essential oils or silicone. For specific cases:

  • To remove dust, a soft cloth is sufficient;
  • To enhance the appearance of wax-finished items, clean the item carefully and then apply a fine layer of wax, rubbing in the same direction all the time;
  • If liquids are spilled on the furniture, dry promptly without rubbing. In the case of food liquids, dry and rub with a damp cloth and neutral detergent, then rinse and dry off excess water. If traces remain after drying, contact your retailer;
  • For the upholstery, vacuum or delicately brush regularly. For stains or for in-depth cleaning, it is best to contact a specialised professional;
  • For leather, simply rub with a cloth dampened with one of the many specific leather care products on sale. You can also purchase a special kit for treating leather with a specific detergent and protective product.